Sunday, February 28, 2010

Taking advantage of the younger child

Carson's actions this morning remind me of the potential evil that lurks within the older child. As Annalea pulled herself up on our lower stairs, Carson sat at the top of the stairs and yelled at her to, "Not come up." After several reminders to talk nice to his sister and to not touch her, Carson zipped down the stairs, picked up Annalea, and dropped her on the floor. Annalea began to cry and Carson ran away to the bathroom. I went to get Carson from the bathroom and to take him upstairs to his room for a timeout. When we walked by Annalea, Carson kicked her in the head on purpose. For the first time in his life, Carson received a swift smack on his bottom for his choice. Now, Trish and I are not the spanking parents, but a full body drop and kick to the head in a matter of 30 seconds appeared to warrant a smack to his backside. Carson did not like that so much and wailed alone in his room. The smack could not have hurt, but more likely stunned him. A few minutes later, Carson came down and apologized to Annalea. Unfortunately, he gave a sheepish grin when we talked about getting smacked on the bottom. I think he might have thought it was funny. Once again, my belief in the true innocence of the younger child shown through today.

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