Sunday, June 27, 2010

Well, we made it. The past school year went so fast, but when I look back at it, the beginning of the year seems so long ago. Not quite sure how that all works. We started the year with Trish at home with a lump of a four month old and now we stumbled to the end of the year with two full time working parents and an energetic, lively thirteen month old plus a three year old that never stops (unless a movie is on). We wouldn't have it any other way (the two parent working thing notwithstanding).

With the commencement of summer, so begins our annual traveling season. We embark on our trip to the east coast shortly. We will spend the 4th of July weekend and following week at the Jersey shore. Trish and I have not been to a warm weather beach since Carson was born. I can't wait. I am a bit concerned about the blinding whiteness that we may bring to the beach, but it seems to be unavoidable. Carson is extremely excited to play on the beach with his cousins, however, we do have to reassure him that the jellyfish, sharks, and alligators will not get him.

Carson news-Let's see, Carson really does produce a quote a day and I need to do a better job of documenting his words. About two weeks ago, Carson started wearing 'big boy underwear' full-time and is now officially potty-trained. Yeah! It took awhile to get it done, but here it is. During his training, there were numerous classic quotes. Upon reflecting on the difference between knowing when to pee and/or poop, he remarked, "Poopie is too strong." Mind you, he was flexing his muscles when he said this. A few weeks later, he commented that, "When air comes out my butt, that means I am pooping." I try to steer away from bathroom commentary, but these need to be documented for posterity.

Annalea news-Over the past two months, Annalea has gone from being a baby to a wobbling toddler (guess that is where waddler comes from). We will call her baby, but clearly she is not. We may have to drop the baby label when she starts walking. As it is now, she pulls herself up and constantly does the perimeter walk or uses her walker and even stands unassisted for long periods of time, but has not taken those first few steps. She will soon. In fact, Granddad and Sittie may luck out and witness that event over the next two weeks. Annalea is a sweet girl. She is happy most of the time and is finally sleeping through the time. Teething throws her off here and there, but most of the time she does really well. She now has about seven teeth and received her first haircut the other day. We buzzed Carson's hair at the same time. Well, I had Carson's hair buzzed, Trish did not like that so much.

More news to come as we travel the country and region.

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