Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fun in the sun...sort of
Ahhh, finally a glorious sun-filled weekend in Seattle. The springtime cloaked in a winter jacket finally broke free of the grey filled skies and delivered the Puget Sound region a three day shot of 80-90 degree weather. It truly was a brilliand weekend. With that in mind, Trish and I were intent on soaking in the rays with our little dude. However, things didn't work out as planned.
We should have known from the start that our day was a bit jinxed. We cruised out Saturday morning to one of our favorite coffee joints to find out that it is now closed on the weekends, bummer, we must be one of the few people that find it a favorite spot. Not to worry, we were able to find a Starbucks and bagel place not that far away. We then returned home and gave Carson a two hour nap in preparation for our outing later that day. Now, I don't want to get overly graphic about Carson's skin on the blog, but he has been fighting a little skin infection in the diaper area in recent weeks and we have been instructed to provide him with two hours of diaper free time a day. Of course this directive, comes with obvious risks that we have avoided for the most part, until Saturday morning. Once Carson awoke from his nap, we let him run around (well, I guess I did really) sans diaper and low and behold he wizzed out a stream right on our carpet. Trish reacted quickly, but Carson wasn't done yet. He then proceeded to poop on the floor and step in it. At that point, it's all hands on deck and we brought the household back to some kind of order.
Not to be discouraged from our outing, I applied sunscreen to Carson so that when we arrived at Green Lake he would be ready to play. As we began our road trip to Greenlake, Carson began rubbing his eye with his hand that happened to have sunscreen on it. Great. Now Carson had sunscreen in both of his eyes. Sunscreen in the eyes was a new sensation to Carson and not one he liked very much. Instead of allowing us to flush out his eyes with water, he decided to shut his eyes tight and not face the burning of the sunscreen. I can't say that I blame him, but we were starting to worry about him because he began to break out in a rask at the same time. We gave a quick call to the consulting nurse and she advised us to purchase some fake tears drops to flush out his eyes. Now if you don't know or maybe you have forgotten, successfully putting eye drops in a nineteen month old is like landing on the moon. Carson caught on to our plan quickly and wanted nothing to do with us. We finally flushed out his eyes, but decided to abort the mission to Green Lake and returned home defeated where we decided to give Carson a full bath to rid his skin of the sunscreen. I was not going to give up so easily on the day. I had an idea to get some bbq for a picnic and head to another lake closer to our house. After Trish told me I could go alone, she decided to join us. She was a little more bitter than me about the earlier incident. The lake was a good bit more crowded than we had thought with a rougher crowd than normally frequents the park. We hung in there and even took Carson down to the water where he happily tossed rocks into the lake until he grabbed one handful of rocks and got a fish hook stuck in his hand. I'm not kidding. Luckily, the fish hook just grabbed his skin and did not really puncture it, no blood, no hole. Needless to say, we left the park a few minutes later. We snapped these shots of Rainer on our way home.
Trish's mom, grandmom, and aunt came over a few weeks ago for their yearly Owens female retreat. Carson really took to this Aunt Kelly, even choosing her over Trish a few times.

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