Saturday, October 16, 2010

Soccer Game

Carson currently plays on a 3/4 year old soccer team. He is having a lot of fun and does not seem to care much if they win or lose. This is good because his team seems to either win by a little or get blown out. Today, his team was receiving a good whoopin from the Comets. When Carson was on the sideline, we had the following conversation:
Carson-"Daddy, is the other team red or orange?"
Carson-"Booo, red team, booooo, red team."
Me-"Carson, we don't boo the other team, that's not nice."
Carson-"But Daddy, we boo the Cowboys."
Me-"Uhh, yes Carson, we do boo the Cowboys, but that's just on tv."

There were a couple parents nearby who got a kick out of this one.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday to Carson!

Carson celebrated his 4th birthday several times over the past week. Last weekend he celebrated the milestone with Grandpa and Grandma (aka John and Kris)by scoring two goals in his soccer game and then heading off to lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. On his actual birthday, Carson's put on a special birthday lunch for him and I took him out to Chuckie Cheese for an afternoon of video games and other fun stuff. Finally, we held a very small gathering last night where Nana and Papa (aka Wayne and Jan and a few other people came over to celebrate once again. Carson's birthday weekend is coming to a close, but it has clearly been appropriately celebrated. Most of Carson's gifts revolved around art supplies, superheroes, and videogames. Trish and I made the jump to a Leapster game sytem, we will see if we regret that move. Carson is doing great these days. He seems to really enjoy going daycare, playing soccer, and just finally being 4. A few months ago, he received his first stitches when he pulled a highchair over on himself and the scar on his forehead is slowing fading away. It's amazing to think back to our lives four years ago with an extended hospital stay with Carson and where we are today. We have much to be thankful for.

Annalea is everywhere. Everywhere. She rarely stops moving. Her moving can be a hazard to her or others. When she is frustrated, she instintively opens her mouth and searches out her brother to try and take a bite out of him. If she isn't biting, there is a good chance she might take a swing at you. Just this morning, I was redirecting her in an attempt to have her stop biting Carson and she slapped me in the face. Upon receiving a 1 minute timeout, she sat on the steps, put her head in her hands and wimpered, but she slowly peeked through her hands to see if we were watching her misery. She can put on a show as well as her brother. Annalea's baby talk is increasing daily. She says Daddy, Mommy, up, more, hi, bye, night, night, this, dog, and a few others for sure. Annalea can get up and down our small set of stairs very well. She walks around like a drunken sailor, but is improving.

Life is busy for us all, thus the lapse in posts, but we're doing great. My soccer coaching wraps up in two weeks and life will become more manageable.

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