Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday!!

Carson turned two this past week and it is only because of other events in our lives that I have failed to publicly celebrate his newest milestone. Last Friday we sold our townhome and we turned around and put an offer in on a new home a few days later. In fact, we reached mutual acceptance on his actual birthday. At the moment, it all seems to be working out in our favor, but given the climate of the current economy, only time will be able to judge this major transaction. We will be moving in three weeks, so stay tuned.

Enough about that. Carson birthday has turned into a Hannukah style event with at least four separate birthday parties. Last Sunday, we had a small gathering at our home. Carson has become a present opening expert who has developed such skill that he almost doesn't even stop to look at what he has opened. A few days later on Tuesday, Trish and I celebrated with Carson at home since I had a soccer game to coach the following night. On his real birthday, I dropped in at daycare and took Carson out for some chocolate milk right after his nap. When I returned him to daycare, his class was seated and awaiting his return so they could serenade him with a unique version of the happy bday song. It is now Sunday and we are in Spokane visiting with Trish's family. Yesterday, the McKnight crew celebrated Carson's birthday yet again. The kid can't complain about a lack of attention, that's for sure. Because we are in Spokane, I don't have any pics or videos to upload, but over the next few days I will add some bday pics to the flickr account and post a really cute video from the party last week.

Thanks to all for Carson's bday wishes and presents!

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