Monday, February 25, 2008

Chicken Boy

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sunshine in Seattle

Trisha and I returned from Austin, Texas several days ago to a gorgeous three day stretch of perfect northwest weather. Notice that I did not say Trish, Carson, and I returned from Austin (where we were visiting our friends Shannon and Scott), that is because Carson stayed here with the McKnight clan! Trish and I promised ourselves before he was born that we would take time for a getaway without the little guy to remember what it was like pre-Carson. Thanks to the McKnight crew, we were able to really enjoy ourselves. We fully expected to return to a traditional northwest winter, coupled with rain and grey, but we were pleasantly surprised to bask in the sunshine for the remainder of our mid-winter break. Yesterday we ventured out to meet up with Jeremy, Meaghan, and Cavan at the Seattle Aquarium where the two boys marveled at the various exhibits. Today, the three of us visited a beach spot not too far from our home. We have meant to go there a number of times, but never made it until today.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Chasing, Laughing, and Finding a Cell Phone

Cookie Monster
Carson tremendously enjoyed the Superbowl the other night, but not because of the historic ending. He seemed to enjoy it because of the abundance of cookies.
Trish made a batch of her special chocolate chip cookies. Because it was a special occasion and the fact that you should eat as you please on Super Bowl Sunday, we gave Carson 1 1/2 cookies. One and a half cookies was about one less than Carson wanted. He began to patiently stalk one more cookie, sometimes he would put his hand on it and other times he would pat it, all the time stealing a glance at his momma. Trish thought that Carson knew to leave the cookie alone, but then all of the sudden he swiped the cookie and stood staring at momma.
As soon as Trish said, "Carson!", he took off like a Tazmanian devil across the room and giggling with delight at his bounty. Who knows how it starts, but little kids do love their cookies.

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