Sunday, March 18, 2007


Family Fun on Dad's Birthday

We had a blast last weekend celebrating Dad's birthday with the McKnight and Hurt-Rahn household. The three cousins hammed it up for the camera with some super cute pictures.
Grandpa McKnight had a nasty cold the last time he visited several weeks ago, but he more than made up for lost time with Carson by babysitting for us on Friday afternoon and night! Kassie and Chels also helped out, thanks to all for taking care of the little guy. While they babysat for us, Trish surprised me by taking me out for dinner and drinks in downtown Seattle. We ate at the Wild Ginger and then had a couple cocktails at the Triple Door. At first, Trish and I felt like people on the street were pointing at us because we felt so out of place without Carson and actually out in public after dark. It's amazing how much our lives have changed over the past year. But we quickly assimilated to the freedom of the night and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

This past week Carson learned a new trick. He now plays peek-a-boo with you if you give him a blanket. As you ask, "Where's Carson? Where's Carson?" he hides his face with the blanket and then pull it down with a big ole smile to announce his arrival. When you respond, "There he is. There he is." Carson bursts out in a fit of laughter. He plays like this for several minutes, but eventually speeds up the game to a point where he is just pulling the blanket up and down and laughing.

We took a few pictures of Calder's family because Christi claims that she is too often left out of family photos and she believes that her boys may one day wonder where their mother was during their early years.

This picture of Trish and Carson is adorable.

Carson's personal record for opening his mouth.

Grandpa Hink stopped by a few days later to visit and filled us in on the first few weeks of Carson's new first cousin, Isiah born on March 2nd, we are all looking forward to meeting him soon.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Adventures Before Daycare

We all took off last week for Kalaloch Lodge on the coast as a farewell to daycare free living. As you can see from the pictures below, we had a typical Pacific Northwest weather day with clouds, thunder, lightning, sun, wind, and cold rain. Carson did not seem so impressed by the ocean, but we felt that is was important for him to see and hear the ocean since each night he falls asleep with his ocean sound machine playing in the background. Kalaloch Lodge is a little resort just south of Forks, WA inside the Olympic National Park. In addition to the lodge, there are 20 + cabins that sit on the bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It really is just a spectacular spot.

As much as we love Aunt Christi, she did not accompany us to Kalaloch. The three of us met up with Christi and her youngsters at Chuck E Cheeses for a little fun on President's Day. Griffin was on fire and must have played every game imaginable for a four year old and I may have played just a game or two with him. Griffin discovered the instant reward of tickets that can be turned in for funland prizes. Needless to say, a good time was had by all....although we did miss Blake.

I took this last picure of Carson this morning. Trish and I both commented that we can already tell that Carson can entertain himself better thanks to his time spent at daycare. Right before I dropped a towel on his head, Carson was busy putting anything possible in his mouth and practicing a little tummy time.

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