Saturday, June 27, 2009

Time to exhale
A rare completely quiet moment at home allows me to try and catch up on a little blogging. Both kids are sleeping and all is peaceful. There have been many of milestones, big and small, around this house over the past few weeks.

I am not really sure how to balance my writing with two kids, so here goes my best shot. Lets start with Carson since he is the oldest and the oldest always receives preferential treatment anyway. Carson has jumped right into his role as big brother. I must say, he has been awesome as a big brother. He is very gentle, caring, and loving with her at all times. One of my favorite things that he says about her is, "Her so small, her so cute." In this role as the older of the two, he gave up his pacifiers earlier this week. He asked Trish if he could have King from the movie Cars and she replied that King is a car for big boys and if he wanted King, he would need to give up his pacifiers. Carson immediately bought into the logic of that and traded his pacifiers for King. Trish gave him the option of sending the pacifiers to babies in Chapel Hill, West Chester, or Spokane and he chose Spokane. They dropped them in an envelope, wrote Spokane on said envelope, and mailed em off. It's been five days now and he has only whined for them once. But, and this is a big but, he is now sleeping less!!! He does not fall asleep until somewhere between 9 and 10 and then proceeds to wake each day by 6AM or earlier. This is brutal and leaves me wanting my own pacifier. Hopefully, he will go back to sleeping until almost 7AM soon. Carson also appears to smell some blood in the water. He recognizes that mom and dad are occupied at times with Annalea and he has taken to the practice of ignoring us as he chooses. This is becoming a bit of an issue around these parts and will be fodder for another blog entry.

Annalea is a great baby 95% of the time and the other 5%, she acts, well, like a baby. She is sleeping for longer stretches at night (yeah!), having more alert time during the day, and smiling. Her smile is really cute, except when it turns into a cry. She really does make some of the strangest noises I have ever heard, there's nothing quiet about a baby. I sort of remember Carson making some strange noises too, but I think Annalea edges him out on this one. She still has her dark hair, although it is lightening up a bit and has thinned some. There's not a whole lot more to day about her since she is just a wee baby and all, plus we have not had to take her to the doc recently so we don't have any new impressive stats. Gotta run, house is awakening.

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