Sunday, January 28, 2007

Carson the Laughing Baby

In this clip, Carson laughs away at an annoyingly high note version of "Who Let the Dogs Out" baby style. Hope you can stomach a little singing by Dad, it's not "Sweet Child of Mine" or anything, but it could still hurt your ears.

Carson the Fussy Baby

Carson does have his fussy moments. Over the past week, we have prodded Carson to roll over for us once again, but to no avail. This little video shows what happens when Carson is tired, hungry, and does not want to practice rolling over anymore.

Carson Sitting Up....with assistance

Carson received a Baby Bumbo from Dina and George a month or so ago and we have just started to put Carson in it on a regular basis. The Bumbo helps him to learn how to sit up on his own and also lets him feel like part of the crowd when he is at eye level...don't worry, he is totally safe.
Today marks Carson's 16 week birthday and as this picture shows, the boy sure has grown. Since we see Carson every day, it takes a picture like this for the two of us to step back and truly realize how fast the little dude has sprouted! Next week, Carson goes in for his four month check-up and at that time we will truly find out how his measurements stack up against other babies his age.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A Carson First at 14 Weeks

This evening around dinner time, Carson rolled over from his stomach to his back for the first time. Trish had the pleasure of witnessing this first as I was slaving away in the kitchen....actually, I was just boiling noodles and warming up some sauce, but these things happen quickly. We both congratulated Carson on his accomplishment and took out the camera with the hope that he would repeat this feat, but he decided to keep this as a one act show for the evening. We'll see if the little guy got lucky or if he will be rolling over on a daily basis.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Random Carson Pics
Over the past week, Carson has witnessed yet another onslaught of snow and ice in the great Northwest. During the past five days, we have navigated a few treacherous roads, snapped photos in the snow, and witnessed the defeat of Carson's two favorite football teams, the Eagles and the Seahawks within a fifteen hour period. Carson handled the losses quite well and we feel that he is more than enough prepared to handle the misery that accompanies the fandom of these two franchises.

If you look closely, you can see Mt Rainier in the background behind Trish and Carson, this is right outside the front door of our townhome. We did not go that far in the snow. The picture of solo Carson is one of the pics that marks his three months on planet earth, well at least three months out of his mom's belly. And I could not resist posting a pic of father and son and their respective feet. Trish is not so pleased that Carson also has 'freak' toes like his father as Trish has a bit of a footphobia.

Not a lot changes with Carson from week to week, but everything that he started doing over the past month he is doing with greater expertise and more frequently. He smiles and laughs all of the time and usually can be made to do one or both on command, he just bores quickly of the act that brings his smile and demands originality to produce more laughs. He can also hold his head up at a 90 degree angle for an increased amount of time and continues to flirt with the idea of rolling over, but he hates to spend more than two minutes at a time on his stomach, so his practice time is limited.

Well, more snow may be on the way this evening, cross your fingers and hope that we don't have to miss any more days of school!

One more thing, I followed my sister's lead and changed the security setting so anyone can now post a comment on the blog...I don't need an account with blogger to do this anymore. See ya.

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