Monday, February 16, 2009

Video and New Pics
Sometimes it doesn't take much to entertain a two year old. Just a typical Sunday afternoon, trying to wear down Carson with a midday workout.
Christi visited a few weeks back, a quick trip, but a great time nonetheless. As you can see, Trisha's pregnancy is moving right along. She is doing great and we are all looking forward to the arrival of our baby girl in May!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

First Swim Lesson
All week, Trish and I have been prepping Carson for his very first swim lesson. He grew more and more excited about it as the week wore on. In fact, this morning he threw a mini-fit because he could not go to the 'poo' right away. I have a feeling that the daycare people may have misinterpreted his 'poo' statement throughout the day. Now Carson has splashed around in a pool before, but he did seem to enjoy it more as an almost one year old than an almost two year old this past summer. Trish had to work late tonight so I was the lone parent heading off to the swim lesson. We showed up about fifteen minutes early and sat on the pool deck watching the other classes. Carson was quite content and talked about his impending lesson. Once the clock struck 6, it was our turn and Carson and I happily ditched our shirts and headed for the pool. First step, second step into the problem.....about the third step Carson stretched out his arms and grabbed me tight around the neck. As we made our way into the pool, the protest began. He shouted and pleaded to get out of the pool. We made our way across the pool, Carson was still latched onto my neck with a force I had never felt. I tried as many tricks as I knew to distract him, but alas, he really did want out of the pool. So there was Carson, sitting right on the edge of the pool and telling me to, "Get out of the pool." It wasn't enough that he had been liberated from the pool, he wanted me to follow. His teacher brought over some toys with the hope of luring him back into the water. He happily picked out some toys and then proceeded to throw them into the water at me. Basically I spent the last 25 minutes of our half hour lesson dodging water toys. I did scoop him up twice and bring him back into the pool for a quick dip, but he continued his protests. Here's hoping that next Tuesday's lesson results in a more prolonged dip in the pool.

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