Monday, April 21, 2008

Fickle Eater
Carson has discovered that he ultimately has control over what he gets to eat and not eat. Thus, he has taken to refusing food, playing with it, or decorating our kitchen floor with the various cuisine. However, we can from time to time outsmart the little guy in creative ways. Take last night for instance, we combined Carson's love of Calder with some old fashion trickery. Once Carson repeatedly refused his yogurt we told him that his cousin Calder loves yogurt and then began to feed the picture of Calder some yogurt, check out the video below and see the ruse in action.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Carson's First Haircut

I know it seems a little silly to not blog for a month and then post three blog entries in one day, but there it is. Today we took Carson in for his first haircut, we didn't take too much off, but you can see some of the milestone below. If you want to see more, check out the flickr account. Trish developed some pretty serious cold feet on the way to the event. She tried to convince herself that Carson could go a bit longer. In all truth, she was clinging on to the baby that is Carson and running from the little boy that he is becoming. This baby to little boy theory was explained to us by our friend Nick in Delaware last week. Well, you can see for Carson more baby or little boy now?


During I and II


Spring in Seattle??
Someone forgot to tell mother nature that spring started a few weeks ago because so far this spring has been one of the strangest in my almost eleven years out here. Yesterday it snowed with a mixture of hail. It was the latest that Seattle has seen snow in some 35 years. Supposedly it is warming up by the end of the upcoming week, but I am not counting on it.

Spring Break 2008

We traveled back to Pennsylvania a couple weeks ago for spring break to celebrate Granddad's 70th birthday one weekend and the wedding of our friend Jeff the other. Granddad's party was a lot of fun with a chance to see many relatives.
Carson reunited with his North Carolina cousins. Check out Griffin, he is becoming such a big guy. Over Christmas, Carson followed Griffin around everywhere and occassionally tangled with Calder over some toys. But this time, Calder seemed to be Carson's focus and the two of them followed each other around Granddad and Sittie's house actually playing well with one another. This could be the start of some real trouble.
We discovered that Carson has a real love of music and dancing. We always knew that Carson enjoyed rocking out to the tunes on the radio and his music class at daycare, but we had no idea what would happen when Carson experienced a live band for the first time at Granddad's party....he danced the night away. The band members knew Carson by name within minutes and commented that he had some real rhythm, which he undoubtedly got from his dad and not his mom. There are some pics in the flickr account of him dancing and I might post a video of it.
Carson, Griffin, and Calder....a bunch of cute little guys, we can't wait to spend more time with them this summer!
And a big thanks to Granddad and Sittie who took care of Carson for two nights while we went to Cape May, NJ for our friend's wedding. We knew that Carson would be just fine, but we were concerned that our 18 month old might do some damage to his beloved grandparents. Turns out that we could have stayed in NJ, although who would want to, for a few more days since they had such a fun time with him. Thanks again!!

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