Monday, November 22, 2010

Snowy Seattle

Annalea's first experience with snow! Not a big hit with her.

Happy Thanksgiving week! We are looking forward to spending the holiday with the McKnight clan at our house. Hopefully, the approximately six inches of snow that fell today won't stop that gathering from taking place. Trish and I both had a 1:00early dismissal from school today. We met at daycare around 1:30 and picked both kids up. I had a choice to make, either go home with a full family of four or take Carson to a doctor's appointment to have his rash/hives looked at. I decided to keep the appointment. The drive over was not bad at all, roads were wide open and a little slushy. I figured our 2:20 appointment would get us out early enough to beat the snowbirds home. As I descended the steep hill near our house, I looked to the west and noticed a large, dark grey cloud approaching. I let myself dismiss the possibility of the snow returning for the worse. We emerged from the doctor's office at 3:00 armed with a diagnosis of a viral rash that produced hive like rashes. So, good thing that we went, I think. But, the snow had once again begun to fall, heavily. I decided to go a different way home, which requires a steeper climb up a hill, but shorter distance. I approached the hill only to find out that at least a half dozen cars were stuck on the hill and another half dozen were chaining up on the side. After considering giving it a go, I listened to my cautious side and turned around. 25 minutes wasted and more snow falling. I took the only hill I could take and by this time Carson was fast asleep. At about the 1 1/2 hour mark into our ride home (it should take 20 minutes), Carson awoke and needed to pee. This was almost the worst case scenario for what he could need to do. I could not get us out of the car as we were in an ice, snow parking lot and did not want him to wet his pants. So Carson got to experience a male ritual at an early age, he peed in a coffee cup. Luckily, he only had about 10 oz out of the maximum 12 oz, but it was close. Needless to say, the cup maneuver was not flawless, but we got the job done. We finally pulled up at home at 5:00, a full two hours after we left the doctor's office. Snow in Seattle is unlike snow anywhere else.

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