Sunday, September 23, 2007

Closing in on a Year

Carson is just about two weeks away from his first birthday and is clearly changing in front of our eyes. Today he added a new word to his vocabulary. As we said our good-byes to the NC clan via our webcam (btw, the webcam has been a huge hit and a great way to keep in touch), Carson waved to Christi and the three boys and said bye-bye. It sound more like ba-ba, but he cleary intended to say good-bye. He is also continuing to explore every inch of our home as he walks anywhere that he can hold onto something. Anyday now he will be walking without assistance, in fact, he stood for about 5 seconds last night, clapping for himself the entire time.

In addition to the fun stuff, he exhibits some less desirable, albeit typical developments associated with a one year old. Such as, he has started to fight bedtime just a bit. Instead of pleasantly going to sleep, the last two or three nights he has let out a few wails before he drifts off. He is also showing more and more attachment to his mom. He may be playing happily with me and then Trish comes downstairs and when she goes back upstairs he will start crying. Just par for the course, I guess.

Last night we dressed him up in some Halloween PJs, check him out!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Back To School

Well, as the decrease in posts will attest to, we have all returned to school these past three weeks. Carson appears to be adjusting the best to the return to the daily grind as he has reunited with daycare friends and worn himself out with new tricks. As the video below reveals, Carson happily strolls about our home with the use of his Fisher Price walker. He hasn't quite mastered the art of turning, but he sure enjoys stumbling about. This new development obviously sprung from Carson's mastery of pulling himself up over the past two months. If he isn't using his walker, he is muscling his way up to a standing position and then perimeter walking around the object of choice.

Unfortunately, Carson no longer has a fat, furry, feline to chase around the house as we sent Snuggs packing to an animal shelter due to repeated urine offenses. We felt bad about it, but no longer had any choice.

We have had the pleasure of visiting with Christi and family via our new webcam that allows us to see the North Carolina clan and touch base with them. As you might imagine, Griffin is the star of the NC webcam show.

On another note, our good friends Sara and Brian welcomed their first child, Delanie Marie, into the world yesterday evening. Delanie weighed in at 7 lbs 12 ounces and everyone appears to be doing just fine. Carson is super excited to have a new playmate!

Hard to believe that Carson's first birthday is quickly approaching, the first year really has gone so fast. Check out the video below and see what life is like in Carson's world.

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