Sunday, December 14, 2008

An artic blast has settled in to the Puget Sound region, which has brought the first snow to our new home. We took Carson out this morning for a little romp in the white stuff and he enjoyed picking it up and throwing it, but not walking in it so much. Unlike other Seattle snows, this one may stay on the ground for awhile since there is an extended cold spell for the week. Maybe we will have a late start in the morning!!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Concerned About Santa

Carson was a little leery of this guy in the red suit on Saturday. After waiting for almost an hour to see Santa, this is just about as close as we got. However, he did hug Santa when we left....strange.

Counting to Thirteen

Carson has memorized how to count to thirteen, although it appears that the numbers four and five have wronged him at some point as he chooses to ignore them at times.

Monday, December 01, 2008

The Holiday Season
Grandad and Sittie arrived last Monday to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with us in our new home. Their visit was a quick one, but we packed in a a lot of fun as well as packed on a few extra pounds. There are new pics in the flickr account from the visit.
What would a visit be without story time for Carson? Of course Grandad was not the only guest reader, Sittie joined in too. Carson really does love books, he asks to be read to all the time. His memory is rather impressive as well. He can finish sentences to many stories. I can't believe that he has memorized that many tales!
This picture took a number of takes to get one that worked. Thanks to Trish, we finally captured a fine shot the night before Grandad and Sittie left.
Grandad and Carson had a wicked game of chase after our turkey dinner. Carson is looking out for Grandad in this picture and waiting happily for the inevitable surprise attack.
To overcome our sorrows from Grandad and Sittie's departure, we went out to a tree farm and cut down a Christmas tree. Carson helped a little decorating, but stepped up in the end as he put the angel on top of the tree.

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