Saturday, October 20, 2007

Too much excitement

Last Friday we took Carson in for his one year appointment and found out some troubling news. It appears that Carson's 90th percentile growth chart has slipped into the 50th percentile....unacceptable. Just a short (no pun intended) two months ago I had come to expect a son who would dwarf me by his mid-teenage years and now the doctor informs us that 50th percentile equates to a future full grown 5'6". Now I have nothing against vertically challenged people, in fact I married one as did my sister, but I had taller plans for Carson. So after a week of contemplation, I have determined that our truly brilliant doctor (I really do mean that) is wrong in this case and Carson will one day in fact break the six foot barrier. Besides that bit of troubling news, the little guy was still trucking along until......

On the following Wednesday morning at about 1:30 AM, Carson awoke with what can only be described as the sound of a person trying to catch his/her breath from a fit of crying. I thought this was the case at first, but when I picked him up and had Trish come in a turn on the light, he still could not catch his breath. Given his earlier respiratory history, Trish and I weren't going to take any chances so we headed to the Renton ER. He continued to have the same breathing difficulty at the ER and to cut out some of the major details, they transferred us to Children's Hospital where we spent the remaining eight hours of our twelve hour ER stay. Carson is just fine now after being diagnosed with croup. They also put him one some antibiotics for a possible infection, but all is well as of Saturday. Nothing like a mid-week trip to the ER, seems unavoidable with the little ones and we are just happy that it was not something more serious.

Today Carson and parents journeyed northward to the great town of Edmonds where we spent a good part of the afternoon celebrating the birthday of young master Cavan, who was born one day after Carson. Cavan is the son of Meaghan and Jeremy who Trish grew up with in Spokane. Carson and Cavan are the best of buddies and everyone had a blast. After the party we cruised over to meet another little dude, Beckett, who is all of two months old. Beckett is the son of our friends Jon and Niki. Beckett appears to be treating his parents splendidly because they both look way to well rested.

When we finally arrived at home Carson tried on his brand new shoes (it's been hard to find shoes that actually fit him because he has some chubby feet) and tested them out by dancing to his favorite bday card courtesy of Dina and George. Check him out!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Three Steps

If you blink, you may miss his three steps. Turn your head to the left as you view because we were holding the camera upside down. He cranked off twice as many steps the other night, but this is the best we have on video at the moment.

Happy 1st Birthday Carson!

On Saturday, we celebrated Carson's first birthday, although the real day is Monday. He received way more than any one year old needs, but he is already having a bunch of fun with his gifts. It's amazing how much smaller our home seems with the influx of toys, can't imagine what it will be like after Christmas.
Carson was a good little guy on his day. He showed off a few of his new tricks like standing and walking a few steps on his own. In fact on Friday night his few steps turned into eight steps on his own. After his feat, he spent time clapping for himself.
It's hard to believe that it has been one year. So much has happened, yet it seems like it has only been a few months. After all of the excitement and worry that Carson brought us in those first two weeks, we have been blessed that everything has turned out just fine.
Can't wait to see what another year brings!!

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