Thursday, April 19, 2007

Eating Peas With Carson

Living it Up in Spokane

Carson made the rounds in Spokane and even got to meet several people for the first time. Carson enjoyed meeting Great Grandma Pat and Great Grandpa Bob, who just returned from their annual trip to the Southwest. We all had the pleasure of meeting Carson's newest first cousin, Isiah, who is quite a cute little guy. It is only a matter of time before Carson starts sharing his worldly knowledge with Isiah.
One of the main reasons we made our way to Spokane was the 16th birthday of Aunt Kassie. We decided to see the new driver before she took off in her convertible to never be seen again. Another of Carson's Great Grandparents, Nancy, helped feed Carson some rice cereal. Carson has not taken to the rice cereal so well, but we are pretty sure that the foods in the future will have a bit more flavor and prove to entice him more.
I would post more, but I am tired and need to head off to bed. Maybe I will update this post over the weekend.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Carson Rolling Over

A number of weeks ago, I posted that Carson had rolled over for the first time, but we left out the possibility that it may have been a fluke. Well as it turned out, it was a fluke and Carson had not yet repeated that feat....until earlier today. Carson has been flirting with the idea of rolling over for several weeks now. In fact, he would roll all the way to one side and bring both knees and shoulders to the floor, but would stop short of bringing his tummy to the floor. The big sticking point was the trapped arm underneath his body, not anymore. After a long walk with his Dad, Carson returned home to show off his new trick. He was so proud of himself that he rolled over another time. I quickly called his Mom, who was busy getting poked and prodded as part of an allergy test, to let her know the news and as you may imagine, she was disappointed to have missed it. But, when she returned home, Carson quickly showed her what she had missed. The video clip below is the fourth roll over. Carson now has to figure out how to go from his belly to his back. Stay tuned..............

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Carson's Adventures

Two days ago, Carson surpassed the six month mark and celebrated this milestone in Cannon Beach, OR with the Rahn-Hurt clan. Carson's mom and I journeyed to CB about five years ago returning with fond memories, but a distinct recollection of a cold, rainy February spot. Ah, how the times have changed, but the weather of CB has not. We did not let the damp and windy weather slow us down though, as my sister blogged earlier today, we spent our days braving the elements through several beach walks, a trip to gorgeous Ecola Park where the final scene of Point Break was flimed (if you care), and numerous doses of caffeine that are easily found in the quaint little town of CB. Trish and I have decided that next time we go there, we will most likely choose a warmer time of year, but regardless, we all had quite the fun time.

Here is the little guy the night before we left for CB. We had to clean him up a bit before we made the trek down to Oregon. Carson had his 6 month check up earlier today. Besides a little fever that has him a bit under the weather, Carson is doing great. His length of 27 inches puts him at about the 90th percentile and his weight of 19 lbs 5 ounces brings him in around the 86th percentile. Carson now enjoys playing with his feet, just about rolls over from his back to his stomach, likes to grab onto our drink glasses, and can hold his own bottle. Once his fever passes, we are going to begin the introduction of some solid foods. His first taste will be the standard rice cereal.

Carson's Adventures Continued.......

The past few weeks have been eventful for the little turkey baby, as Christi referred to him a few days ago. We were all in for a treat two weeks ago when my Dad and Joyce came in for a visit. The respective PA and WA clans packed up for a long weekend on Vashon Island at the Point Robinson Lighthouse. This spot is truly one of the best getaways that we have experienced in the Seattle area. You can't beat the convenience to Seattle and the rental home sits right on the water of Puget Sound where you can spend time watching the ships come and go or keepy a lookout for some Orcas Whales. We spent the time doing all of the above while also working in some exploration of Vashon.

Stay tuned for more of Carson's adventures, we are off to the magical land of Spokane this weekend for a visit with the Eastern Washington folks. Can't wait to see you all!

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