Sunday, January 31, 2010


At 8 months, Annalea has mastered the fine art of scooting around our house. True crawling is sure to follow soon.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The siblings

Well, Carson and Annalea have kept us busy, that's for sure. You would think I would have been able to post over Christmas break since we did not go anywhere, but somehow that did not happen. Christmas was tons of fun, but I won't go back that far in time for this post. However, since it was our first Xmas in town, all of the presents were in one place and it took forever to open them all.....not a bad problem for the kids, but it definitely highlighted the generosity of so many people in our lives.

Annalea celebrated her 8 month birthday last week, well we didn't really celebrate it. Maybe made note of her 8 month bday is more accurate. She is changing by the day. Over the past two months she has sprouted two lower teeth (this caused much nighttime disturbance for a couple weeks as she complained about the pain) and started dragging herself around a room (not as soldier like as Carson, but probably more efficient). More recently she is holding her own bottle, starting to sit up, and saying "mama", much to the delight of Trish, and playing peek-a-boo. It's hard to capture in words, but Annalea is quite the communicator. In the morning, she chirps and screams at us each morning. She saves her biggest sounds for her favorite person, Carson. She locks her eyes and follows him wherever he goes, in fact, she has shunned some of her toys in favor of his toys. We have to stay on our toes to make sure that she has safe toys at her disposal.

Carson continues to develop quite the personality and has moments when age three seems like a little too much for his parents to handle. At some point during the past month or so, Carson took control of his bedtime and twisted us around his fingers. He went from pushing his bedtime later, to playing in his room and sleeping on the floor, to screaming bloody murder until 10:30 at night (maybe that is the cause for no posts on my part). Have no fear, on our way to Spokane this past weekend we discussed a new and improved bedtime plan for the young man. We are on night two of bedtime intervention and so far so good. We will see if it holds. Carson is getting closer and closer to saying good-bye to his diapers, but we are not quite there yet. Sometimes he tells us that, "I like it when you change my diaper" as a reason for not fully committing to the potty. One day soon he will come around. He started playing soccer two weeks ago with some friends from his former daycare. The day before we went to his first practice, he commented in the car, "Nobody is going to stop me." This confident statement is just one of many Carsonisms that have us cracking up daily.
"I taught/teached myself." (whenever we asked him how he learned something)
"That's nasty." (after learning about his friend's cat who pooped on the floor)
"Silly me." (when he makes a mistake)
"How was your day Daddy?" (daily question)
"Thank you God for the food, Amen." (reserved specifically for vitamins and chocolate)

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