Sunday, August 30, 2009

Baby Talk
Annalea woke up this morning and had a lot to say at breakfast.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Working Out Baby Style

Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer Fun

Summer always seems to fly right by, but this one seems to have moved at an exceptional speed. One baby, one summer school tour of duty, two weddings, a visit from loved ones, and now jury duty will do that to a summer I guess. But that is not to say that the summer hasn't been fun, it definitely has. I have updated our flickr account on the side, there are almost 200 pics under the file summer 2009 if you have some time to kill. Within that folder you will find my Dad and Joyce's visit along with Chelsey's wedding and Kelly's wedding. There were too many pics to choose from for a blog entry, so I just picked a few for fun.

As I posted last month, Chelsey and Santavorn married in Spokane at the end of July and it was a blast. Carson enjoyed his time as ring bearer. How can you not when you get to wear orange suspenders?

One of the highlights of the summer was getting together with the Owens family. Many of that crew had not yet met Carson and of course Annalea too. We also got to meet several little cousins for the first time. The gathering was in honor of the impending wedding for Trish's aunt Kelly to our new uncle Ken. Carson liked all of his cousins, but took a special interest in his girl cousins as two of them were pretty close to his age. He especially liked hanging out with Aubrey who is pictured here. Without a doubt, one of the highlights of the trip was visiting cousin Laurie and Bill's house and riding their horse Scotch. I personally found it a dangerous trip since I fell in a big ole hole in their yard as I followed the horse around as Carson rode.

A few days after returning from the Spokane weddings, Dad and Joyce came out for a week long visit. We burned them out the first two days with a trip on the light rail to downtown Seattle and of course we arranged for Dad to visit a museum, which may actually come in handy for the new book he is writing. After laying low for a few days, we took off for a trip to Leavenworth and enjoyed all that the tiny Bavarian tourist town has to offer. The picture here is taken from the main drag in Leavenworth. Dad and Joyce marveled at the changes in Carson since November and enjoyed spending time with Annalea when she wasn't screaming her head off. She is in the midst of a fussy spell the last week or two, but may be emerging from it if the last few days are any indication.

On the Annalea front, she is now laughing, smiling often, and holding her head up for extended periods of time. She really is a cute little girl and Carson is totally taken by her.

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