Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Call from Above

Carson continues to develop his personality in a way that can only be formulated in the mind of a two year old. Tonight he must have been charged up from the energy of the inauguration because he did not quietly drift off to sleep. As he stood at the the doorway to his room (we have the baby gate up), he serenaded us down the hall with a constant call of "mommy" and "daddy". When that didn't work, he switched to a constant call of "Chuck"! The little guy is a character, no doubt about that.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Snowy Spokane Christmas
We braved the wildest winter weather in my eleven years out here to make it to Spokane for the holidays. Luckily, we chose the two best days to travel, so it was actually a fairly smooth ride. But the time in between the travel days say the Spokane snow count go from 33 inches to almost 60 inches. I have never been happier to hit the road back to Seattle (no offense to Trish's family), but the winter wonderland had worn out its welcome for us. Below are some fun pics from our time in Spokane. There are more images in the flickr account.
Carson visited with his cousin Isiah and quickly turned the tables on him just like Calder did last year. Carson spent a good bit of the time correcting and reprimanding Isiah for perceived slights. It looks like the older child always knows best or say they think.
Kassie and Carson sharing some love on Christmas morning.
Carson sprinted over to his rocking horse and teepee once he emerged from downstairs. He seemed to take quite an interest in the horse and the teepee.
Anything cuter than a two year old and reindeer antlers?
The Monday before Christmas we went in for our ultrasound to determine the gender of baby #2. We had the ultrasound technician write the gender in a Xmas card and opened it up on Christmas morning (borrowed this idea from some east coast friends). It turns out that baby #2 is a girl!! We are thrilled and this pic shows us right after opening it. Carson is very excited to have a baby sister on the way and Trish is doing quite well. The due date of May 23rd is approaching rapidly!
Grandad and Sittie gave Carson a stuffed Nemo. Lets just say he has never been so excited to Find Nemo.

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