Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Carson's First Piano Lesson

Actually, this was the second time that Granddad gave him a lesson, but the first time we caught it on tape.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Directions Needed ASAP

I have recently come to the conclusion that someone switched out our baby last week and replaced him with a nonstop, high motor, soon to be one year old who happens to also be named Carson. Since we have a different version of Carson, we are in need of an instructional manual. I mean really, shouldn't there be an instructional manual for something like this? My dad's GPS system can tell me how to drive around the block, but there is no built in manual for a baby that has learned to act out his fantasies that he has dreamed up the past nine months.

I blogged recently about his crawling, but thanks to Grandee and Sittie's hardwood floors he can now move clear across the house with his army soldier crawl; I don't think that he will get his belly off the ground anytime soon, which slows him down to some extent. But the slow crawl does not stop him from pulling magazines off the lower shelves, opening drawers, and pushing/pulling anything he can. He will also stand while holding on to a table or foot rest for a pretty good amount of time, of course there is always an adult playing the role of Carson catcher behind him. Yesterday, he added the sound 'ga' to his repertoire of baby sounds as he continues to develop his early language skills. And he is clapping at just about anything. Earlier tonight he wanted us to join him in clapping after each time that he successfully picked up a cooked black bean and put it into his mouth......he also clapped for one of his bedtime stories.

There are more things to blog, but this is good for now. Carson really is changing, I'm not sure if Trish and I are just around more because school is out to see it or if a developmental light switch was flipped on that plane ride because he is quite the different baby these days.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It Must Be The Humidity

We arrived in Pennsylvania two days ago and Carson has already accomplished many significant firsts. Earlier today, we (Grandad, Sittie, Christi, Griffin, Calder, and the three of us) all went to Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster, PA (the land of the Amish) for a day of super cool rides for kids and a water park too. There aren't many rides for someone all of nine months old, but the water park is baby friendly. At the water park, Carson discovered the ways of the mysterious baby fountain. Unfortunately, a nasty thunderstorm came through and caused the park to close early, so the North Carolina clan will try to revisit Dutch Wonderland with Grandad and Sittie sometime in the fall.

On the recommendation of the Dohlamite family, we caught the Frog Prince show before the weather turned on us. The show takes place in a water pool and features three actors in frog suits who are experienced divers. We were all really impressed with the high level of skill that the frogs exhibited. The divers' act even captivated Carson.

To cap off the night, Carson pulled off a developmental milestone. As we sat in Grandad and Sittie's living room, Carson started reaching for the magazine rack that is right at his head level. After rearranging a few things in the rack to motivate him, he started reaching for the rack and began to pull himself up. It took a couple attempts, but Carson successfully pulled himself to a standing position. He repeated the feat a half dozen times. We feel pretty confident that Carson will also show us his crawling skills by the time we return to Seattle because he is scooting all over the hardwood floors here in PA. This video is his third of fourth time pulling himself up.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Good luck in North Carolina!

Carson's Aunt Christi, Uncle Blake, Cousins Griffin and Calder are heading back to North Carolina this weekend. We wish them the best and could not be happier for them as they move closer to old friends and most of their family, however, we can't help but feel some sadness as we say good-bye to them. Twenty minute road trips up I-5 will be replaced with communication via webcams, phone calls, and blogs as we look forward to the occassions that we will all assemble together in person. Ever the optimist, at least I try to view life in this way, I am just happy that we were all able to spend the past nine years together out here in Seattle and will alway cherish the memories. Well, enough sappy stuff for a blog entry, we all deal with grief in different ways and as the picture to the left reveals, Carson has started hitting the wrong bottle as a way to handle his feelings about the impending departure. He promises that he has it under control.
We'll miss you all! Drive safe Blake, Kyle, and Kali.

Cute Pics of Carson

Here is a random collection of Carson pics from the past few weeks. Carson has now mastered the art of picking up cheerios and putting them in his mouth, he does this with both his right and left hand so we are not yet sure which hand he will favor. Since Trish is a lefty and I am a righty, we are curious to see how this plays out. I really like the picture of him concentrating on the cheerios, he looks quite focused. Carson is also starting to liven it up in the tub a bit. The first six months or so of his life Carson seemed rather ambivalent towards the tub, but now he is really starting to play and have some fun during bathtime. The picture below captures his joy with his new found cleanliness...or something like that. Carson is also practicing the necessary crawling skills on a daily basis, he can drag himself around, but just can't quite seem to hold his big ole belly up off the ground long enough to really make it any distance. We think there is a chance that he could crawl by the time we return from Pennsylvania in late July, time will tell. As he learns to crawl, he is also learning how to pull himself up. So far he has pulled himself up from sitting on my lap with a little support. He really does seem to be close on this one, in fact, I would not be surprised if he pulled himself up before crawling. We'll keep you posted!

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