Sunday, September 20, 2009

Annalea Rolls

A few weeks back, Annalea rolled herself over in a fit of anger and ever since that day she has flirted with the act repeatedly. Well, today she finally figured out that tricky arm and rolled over from her back to stomach three times! Trish was a little testy that I did not call her down to see the official roll over, but to be fair she was the one who witnessed the true inaugural roll. Anyway, the girl is moving and it's only a matter of time before she goes after Carson. There's no doubt that she owes him a few whacks.

Annalea also had her four month check up last week. All is good with her as she met the developmental milestones for a little person. She is at the 75th percentile across the board in weight, length, and head size. The most important thing at her age is that she is following an even growth pattern, which she is.

In other news, we have decided to switch daycares at the beginning of October which means that we are leaving the only daycare center we have ever known. We did not make this move hastily, in fact, we probably overthought it a bit. However, with a looming daycare payment that would make our mortgage chuckle in amusement we decided it was time to move on. We have some close friends who take their daughter to the new daycare and we know that it will more than meet the needs of our two little ones.

Final I am writing this entry, Carson begins to cry and whine in bed. He's been "asleep" for half an hour or so and I don't want him to wake up. I scurry upstairs to soothe him and upon my entrance into his room, Carson stops crying and says, "here" and hands me his water cup. He then rolls over and snuggles back in for some sleep. What is that? Who is training who here? Ridiculous.......

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