Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Climbing Stairs

A request was made from the North Carolina clan to see some video of young Carson and it seemed appropriate to catch his newest trick on camera. So here you will see Carson jabbering away as he climbs the two stairs in our kitchen. He loves to spend a ton of time going up and down the stairs (we are trying to teach him to not go down the stairs headfirst). As is the case with most new baby skills, Carson has improved quickly and can tackle these two stairs a whole lot more skillfully than he could yesterday. Enjoy!

Friday, August 17, 2007


Carson's Travels

Over the course of the past six weeks, Carson has traveled some 6,000+ miles and visited five different states (DE, MD, PA, WA, ID). Not bad for a ten month old. He has been a surprisingly good traveler having made the transition from house to house with relative ease. And we are especially thankful that he did so well on the east coast plane ride. All in all, it's been a great summer, but a quick one. Carson has met so many friends and relatives for the first time that it is impossible to include all the pictures in the blog entries below. So check out link to Flick on the right, which has many pictures from our summertime adventures.
I don't mention Carson's new tricks below so I might as well list a few here. As I type, Carson's newest trick is fighting a nap, not something he usually does, so Trish is upstairs trying to soothe the little chunk right now. As far as more enjoyable tricks, Carson is now able to pull himself up and climb up two steps. He doesn't do it really fast, so we have time to react to catch any tumbling. He is also really wants to walk and will take you on a stroll around our house if you provide him hands for balance. There are four upper teeth making their push through his gumline and we have been lucky so far that he is not too bothered by their emergence. Carson is able to use sign language for more and is working on the sign for eat, Trish does a great job working on this with him.

Below you will find a little bit more about our travels to eastern Washington.

Next Stop....Spokane

Carson's nationwide summer tour continued as we headed east from Wenatchee to Spokane. Carson is a Spokane veteran having visited there during Christmas and Spring Break.

Grandpa Wayne and Grandma Jan are building a cabin(Greatgrandpa Red says that it's more of a house than a cabin) up at Deep Lake, which is about 2 hours north of Spokane and 20 minutes south of the Canadian border. I spent a few days up there providing the help I could, which often meant staying out of the way. Carson and Trish came up to visit us on one of those days. You can take a little tour of the cabin if you would like: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1vJi2yjGGM

After spending time with Gpa Wayne and Gma Jan, we shacked up with Gma Kris and Gpa John for a few nights. They organized a fun family night on Friday and then we spent the day on Saturday down at Riverfront Park in Spokane. The picture of Carson and us is taken on the Spokane River. We also hung around the playground area next to the giant Radio Flyer Wagon where Carson tasted huckleberry ice cream for this first time courtesy of Gpa John.

Wenatchee Reunion

About two weeks ago, Carson attended his first family reunion in Wenatchee, WA, which is basically right in the middle of the state for those who are not from Washington. It's known for apple picking and more I'm sure, but that's about all I know about it. After Carson's visit, it's also know for the spot where Carson "swam" for the first time. I had some really fun video of Carson splashing around, but for some reason I could not load it onto YouTube after several attempts. So, old fashioned pictures will have to do. Tim and Sherry (the hosts of the event) have a pool with an awesome view of the Columbia River and the mountains to the east.

Sunday, August 05, 2007


Happy Birthday Aunt Christi!

Today marks the birthday of Carson's eldest aunt and he would like to wish her birthday greetings from Spokane, Washington. This picture may have already been posted of Christi and the boys, but since we are away from our home computer, we had to choose one from the Flickr account. Anyway, Happy Birthday Christi and we look forward to seeing you soon. Hope your birthday was a fun one!

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