Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Carson Holding Himself Up (sort of)

Over the past week, Carson has shown us several new tricks. He smiles more easily and laughs frequently, he also stands up and holds his head up with parental assistance for longer and longer periods of time. In fact, he likes to be upright a lot more of the time than resting on his back. He really wants to see the world. In this video, Carson 'stands' up and flails away with his arms.

Wow that is really amazing how much he is standing! So strong, so cute.
Chels you have just earned the #1 blog viewer award for posting two comments in one day. It's people like you that make blogging so rewarding.

Would you like a plaque or a t-shirt in honor of your accomplishment?
Carson your Grandma will try to get thinner arms in the near future.....sorry, your mom will have them too.
I think the t-shirt would be the best choice for me. Thanks!
Chels recognizes what is amazing because she, too, was an amazing baby! She deserves a t-shirt with her mom's pic on it to remind her of what it takes to grow that "perfect child." Carson will also join the ranks of "perfect" as I see it. So, onward and upward Carson, you are a star!
Hmm.... awards come from posting more than 2 comments per day??? I'd like my prize to be a Grandma gift of lil' Carson's pic on a purple t-shirt. Yes, he's the awesomest and has great flailing, happy arms!
Go Carson,
That is cheating, but I'll take it!
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